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Aoks Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd
BMK glycidate,bmk powder,phenacetin,benzocaine,procaine,16648-44-5,13605-48-6...
Western Europe - Netherlands
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Company Name: Aoks Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd
Company Type: Enterprise (Manufacturer,Wholesale)
Area: Western Europe/Netherlands
Employee : 50-99 people
Registered Capital: 1000 Ten thousandUSD
Year Established: 2008
Data certification:
Credit guarantee: Already paid $0.00 USD
Business model: Manufacturer,Wholesale
Business scope: BMK glycidate,bmk powder,phenacetin,benzocaine,procaine,16648-44-5,13605-48-6,lidocaine,tetracain,mk-677,
Sales of products: mk2866|mk677|andarineS-4|GW501516|SR9009|yk11|LGD-4033|RAD140|LGD-3033|AICAR|
Procurement of products: Raloxifene HCl|Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex)|Toremifene Citrate|Arimidex|Clomiphene Citrate|Formestanes|Femara|
Chemicals / Biochemical
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